Yarn problem

You are happily knitting along when you see a flaw in the yarn you are about to use…what do you do?

If it’s over a few inches, I usually cut it out and rejoin the yarn.

What kind of flaw? If it’s something you think will affect the outcome of your project you can cut it out and start knitting again. It means you will have two extra ends to weave in, but sometimes it’s necessary.

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Make sure the “flaw” isn’t a point of weakness in the yarn. If it’s more visual than structural you’re not in bad shape.

But examine it closely to see if there’s something that could weaken the fabric of your knitted piece and create a hole.

I ran into that very situation and just kept knitting since it wasn’t too bad visually. But I checked back after I’d knit the flaw into the piece and saw that it would probably weaken considerably so I ripped back and cut it out, rejoining afterwards.

Better safe than “holey”! :o)


if it is just a very small weak spot, you can also just tie a loop that you hang to the wrong side of the project (if there is an invisible side). But the bigger it is, the more I would cut it out.

If there is not much of my coil left, I might start on a new coil and keep the rest for another part of the piece, so I do not have too many ends in close vicinity that I have to tie in.

The flaw was some different yarn mixed into the original. I pulled the different color off and it did not seem to compromise the yarn I am using. I am using Impeccable worsted yarn. This yarn is easy to knit with and so far I like the way it looks.

I hate the thought of cutting the yarn but I can now see why you would need to…had not thought of the weakness aspect. Not a fan of having to blend in 2 extra ends but better that than having a hole.

I am a work in progress… thanks for always helping! :knitting: