Yarn prices

Has anyone noticed the yarn prices going up or is that just here in Alaska? I went to Joann’s today and some of the yarns had gone up $1-2 in last couple of weeks. The Lion Brand Wool’s Fisherman yarn was over $11. I bought a book Norwegian Handknits with my 40% off coupon that I wanted for awhile. Got it home and there really aren’t that many things I will make although it is a beautiful book.

I’ve definitely noticed it at Hobby Lobby - it seems like they keep inching the prices up all the time - it’s especially obvious because they use the little price stickers on every skein, and they often just pop another sticker on top of the old one. I was in JoAnns yesterday and happened to look at the Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool and it was 8.99 there. I wonder if all your prices are a little higher there because of the cost of transporting the goods all the way to Alaska.

The thing I notice getting way more expensive around here is food! It’s alarming, really…

I have noticed food going up drastically too!

DH and I were averaging $50-$100 a trip (depending on what extras we needed that week) and now we are averaging $90 to $120. Even little trips I though would not be much, are insane!

Interesting to know about the Fisherman Yarn because it was around nine dollars here recently and just made a big price jump to over eleven dollars. Usually our prices aren’t much different than the website at that store. But other yarn stores are a bit higher. Our gas is higher here, $3.52 a gallon this week. Just had fuel oil delivered at 3.17 a gallon, up from 3.02 a few weeks back. These are big price jumps.

The price of everything has gone up here in America and it’s going to get worse, from what I’m hearing. I’ve noticed it as I’m stash busting and having to buy a ball here and there to finish up projects. Looks like I’m going to have to start limiting my knitting projects soon to just what I can afford, and with prices jumping like they did at Hobby Lobby, I could be restricted to a dishtowel a year!

I’ve placed myself on a coupon-only yarn diet. I don’t let myself go into Michael’s/JoAnns/AC Moore unless I have a coupon.

You can get decent coupons by signing up for the e-mail lists or becoming Facebook Friends with the chain stores and big brands. I know Michael’s e-mail has done a lot of “% off total purchase” coupons in the past couple of weeks-- I got a coupon for this sunday 25% off total purchase from 4-8pm. And Caron sometimes does special offers for their facebook friends. Won’t really help if you’re looking for smaller brands at your LYS, but at least it’s something.

Went to Joann’s again yesterday and the Fisherman’s Yarn is now 11.99, up from 8.99 in just a few weeks. Others have gone up 2-3$ as well - certainly more than the rate of inflation. I bought one skein of Paton’s new Lace yarn in sachet with my 40% off coupon and started a lace scarf in the cat’s paw pattern.

I was in both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby this week and Fisherman’s wool has gone up to 9.99 here from 8.99 so, I gues it isn’t quite as bad here as in AK but it is going up all the same. I have notices that many of the yarns have increased in price over the past few months.

Oh, I love that Sachet colorway! They don’t have the paton’s lace at my Joann’s, or at least it wasn’t out yet when I was there last - they were still resetting, though – but I found it at Hobby Lobby and was really tempted by it… Trying to avoid impulsive and unnecessary purchases at the moment, though…

How do you like knitting with it? Is it soft?

Then it’s a good thing that I have a bunch of stash, and projects lined up to go with the yarns. I’m also a very slow knitter, only have an hour or so a week free to do so.

We’ve been keeping track of food prices here, things in Oregon always seem a bit higher, but the worst is in produce. Even at the farmer’s markets it’s a lot higher this year.

Yes I do like the Patons Lace - first time I have tried lace knitting. I am using a size 10 bamboo needle and it looks really nice. The sachet shade is really pretty. It is very soft. I used a free pattern I got off this website: northernlace.co.uk. This woman also sells on etsy. I would like to eventually try a Shetland hap shawl.
Yes fortunately I have a bit of a stash too because I have to economize.