Yarn pooling Knit

Does someone know a good place to get yarn pooling knit?

Not sure what you mean. Are you looking for a pattern or yarn? Or did you mean kit?

I’m looking for instructions or Someone’s explanation as to what it
is…Knit w/yarn…

I’m not sure what this above means.

But, yarn pooling is when the yarn colors stack on each other when using a self striping yarn. It can be done intentionally, but I’ve only seen it happen accidentally. It can look cool, but you may not want a big splotch on your chest.

Thanx, I was thinking socks…

Are you trying to avoid pooling? Best way I’ve heard (from friends) is to alternate two skeins of yarn (same colorway). Hand painted yarn tends to pool unless you do this.

Have you made socks before and are you looking for pattern? Or just wondering about pooling?

Just trying to figure out pooling, O hg Ave S toe up pattern I like, thought maybe it would be nice…

S/b I have a…

Auto spell is sometimes a pain…

Yes, auto correct is a pain. It’s hard to type on small devices, too.

I’m sorry to ask so many questions. I guess I’m just not sure exactly what it is you want in regard to pooling. If you can make that clear maybe I can be of more help or someone else can chime in, too.

I saw a really nice argyle and was intrigued with it, can I do it with any
variegated yarn or does it have to be self striping? I have some pretty old
yarn I want to work with. It makes a nice k/p but doesn’t seem to stripe on
its own.
I’m a self taught leftie knitter and either have to convert a pattern or
try some other way to get it worked out.
Thanx for the help, it’s all good…

Here’s a tutorial that gives you some idea of the results you can get with planned pooling. It’ takes patience and fiddling with gauge.

You could start out experimenting with the yarn and method suggested in the blue box at the end until you see how it works. It does require a yarn with regular color changes.


Thank you, I’ll check it out…

I know where I’m going off the rails, the colors are not even …Dah!!