Yarn pics - (no more needed now)

Does anyone have any cool yarn/knitting needle pics they could PM me? I want to make a decorative cover sheet for my patterns binder.


Hi Kelly! What exactly do you mean? yarn pictures or combination with needles or… ? ? ? :thinking:

like clip art and junk? I have some; will email…

All of the above, Vic…I am imagining a kind of collage with several different kinds of images. Im mostly looking for photos, as opposed to “cartoony” looking images.


helloyarn.com has great pictures of their yarns on it.

OMG Brenda! Those are SOOOOO cool! Thanks so much!

I have some that I took for my blog. Let me get them together and resize and I’ll post some samples here…

Beautiful people here on KH.com…REALLY. :inlove:

Here’s smaller versions of the images I have:

And the last one…

OMGGGGG you are SOOOOOOOOO awesome! Those balls are EXACTLY what Im lookin for!!!

[size=2](NO COMMENTS, HILDE!! :fingerwag: )[/size]

u did get the pic of those really pretty glass needles, right?

Thanks to everyone here, I now have the most AWESOME cover for my knitting pattern binder…

[size=7][color=red]:inlove: MUAH!! :inlove: [/color][/size]

I did the same thing for my pattern binder, and found this great desktop picture to use:


I got that one… LOVE IT!

Yay! I’m glad I could help. Now, you have to share the cover Kelly! I want to see how it turned out.

Oh, geesh…I didnt save the doc… :oops:

Kelleeeeeeeeey. :rollseyes: :lol:

You could snap a pic of the finished binder. I’d love to see how it turned out! Sounds like a fun project. :slight_smile: Great idea!