Yarn/pattern related question

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey all,
A quick question regarding jumpers and types of yarn. I want to make a tunic style jumper, lightweight and something I could wear all year round. Preferably one with a minimal ‘halo’ effect (so not alpaca or cashmere). I also want a lace pattern/style design to it.

What type of yarn would you recommend (provide website links please)?

I have found a 400g/500g ball of robin double knit wool -tempting enough to buy! Is this suitable to make a jumper with?
(thinking about that, I have a lot of various colours of robin double knit wool in my wool stash! Eek! Too much wool! -Any ideas for projects -I might do a pair of gloves/mittens, but please -no scarfs or hats!!!)