Yarn & Pattern for a Wedding Gift Afghan - Suggestions?

Hello all! I’m undertaking a pretty big and important project soon. I want to make an afghan/throw for my best friend’s wedding gift.
I’m looking for something that the new husband and wifey can snuggle under during movie night at home :wink:

I’m open to a pattern with some complexity (like cables) and would prefer something continuous (although I know that portable pieces would be good, I’m not crazy about large scale seaming). I have seen some nice patterns in the Leisure Arts books, so would love to hear if you’ve tried any.

As for yarn, since it’s my best friend, and a wedding gift, I have more spending leeway (just this once per DH of course) but I’m concerned about something that is “too” luxurious and therefore a pain to care for. If this is something that’s thrown across the couch after each use, or folded in the linen closet until next time, then I also want it to be fairly easy to wash.

I’m in South Florida, so something light would be good, but the wedding is in November and it cools down quite a bit here from October to February, so a superwash wool or a wool blend would be okay.

LOVE to hear from you brilliant KH’ers on this! Thanks in advance!

I’m going to have to say Encore…it’s the best for afghans, as far as I know. I’ve also made them with Woolease, and they have held up very well. Then, there’s KnitPicks’ new washable wool, Swish, although, I’ve not yet tried it (I have a skein coming so I can play/knit/wash/dry/stretch/pull/stomp, etc to see how it holds up).
All in all…encore :wink:

Here’s a bunch of afghans including one that is actually called “wedding afghan.”

Jan & Becka THANK YOU!!

These are great leads! :thumbsup: