Yarn p0rn :)

I am no stashie! My name is Kristin, and I’m a yarn addict :teehee: Proud of it too!!

I wanted to share my new purchases with people that will appreciate it. God bless DH, but he just doesn’t get it!

I got some superwash sock yarn from Fearless Fibers (on Etsy), some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, some Austermann Step, some Tofutsies, and some mmmmmm chunky. The mmmm is fabulous and dreamy!! Can you tell sock yarn is my new fascination?? :cheering: I bought KellyK’s sock pattern and some yarn to go with it. No picture of that yet though.

:heart: Yummy yarn! :heart:

Mmm Good!! That is yummy!!! :drool: :inlove:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Oh my, I’m having Yarn Hot Flashes over your SWTC sock yarn, I’ve not yet gotten any…I MUST HAVE SOME…SOOON!!! Now that i’m feeling better I must catch up on my yarn purchases!

OooOOoooOoooOoo!!! :heart:

Great purchase! Now, I’m jealous.

I had no idea that Malabrigo came in chunky until the other day when I was in my LYS. What, pray tell, are you going to use it for? I almost :roflhard: bought some but couldn’t think of something fast to make with it so I had to leave… rapidly… running… out door… :waah:

Beautiful. As a relative newbie, what’s the difference between “sock yarn” and just plain old say Paton’s which is what I’m using for my first socks?

Ooooh! :heart:

Soooooooo…can someone explain the TITLE of this thread for me? I’ve seen people mention “yarn p0rn” here before. I figured it was a freudian slip…undoubtedly it has a meaning I have yet to discover. :happydance:

Wow…those are gorgeous! :inlove:

Wow! That yarn is so pretty! I’m surprised your camera didn’t go into cardiac arrest!


Do you have a link for the fearless fiber that you purchased? I love it! And the mmmmm chunky! Wow, I have to find me some of that!!!

mulder - I’m not really sure what I will knit with the mmm. I got 3 skeins (I think it is only about 120 yds per). Probably a lovely scarf for me!

Lu - well I don’t want to write p0rn so it comes up in searches. You know what I mean?

Sara - Here is the link for Fearless Fibers. They have a shop on Etsy. I got the superwash merino in Sublime. She has some beautiful colors and super fast shipping!

I’m so glad everyone here appreciates my yarn! No one IRL “gets” it! :roflhard: :shrug:

Sock yarn is usually:

Lightweight (fingering to sportweight)
Superwash wool, sometimes with nylon for durability
Plied (several strands spun together) and non-fuzzy

I’m especially loving the Fearless Fibers…yum yum!

I got sucked in by Fearless Fibers. I purchased a skein of sock yarn. 550 yards. Great prices too! Love the colors! Can’t wait to receive it.

What do they wanna be when they grow up? :teehee:

I think I’ve “officially” joined the yarn addict catagory. I’m taking a half day vacation today to hit a yarn sale at my LYS. But the worst part is, I told DH that I was taking a hlaf day to get a jump on the weekend laundry. My hope is to get my purchses in the house and squirreled away in my stash rack before he gets home :flirt:

Is that a BAD SIGN???

woah, nice yarn.

I am :heart: the Malabrigo Chunky~ what is the color name pray tell~!!
I :heart: chunky yarns~! :cheering: :cheering: