Yarn p0rn and what can I make with it?

So littleknits had a these two skeins of yarn on sale (among many others–it was hard to restrain myself!) and I couldn’t pass them up.

The first one is Tilli Tomas Rock Star in Lime Zing. It is 100% silk with prestrung glass beads. It is so beautiful and it’s GREEN (my current favorite color). However, it is only 150 yds and I have no idea what I could make with it. [B]ANY suggestions would be appreciated.[/B]

The second one is Artyarns Silk Rhapsody in color 127 (a beautiful green/pink combo). The Silk Rhapsody has 260 yds and is probably going to be a simple shawl of some description. After I bought the SR, I read a review that wasn’t all that flattering. So now I wonder if I’m going to regret this purchase.

I don’t know how it is to knit with, but it sure is pretty to look at!

From the pictures they look very complimentary.

Could you work a simple shawl and alternate yarns every other or every 4th row?

Something simple I think… since the beads will add ‘bling’ to the project!

I think some kind of lacy type shawl would be beautiful. Be sure to post a pic of whatever you do make from it!

Those look sooooo soft and wonderful. I would probably just keep them in hanks and pet them when I had a bad day:teehee:

But if you insist on making something :wink:, I agree a nice shawl or large scarf so it can hug you would be divine! :inlove:

I agree with Songbirdy, I think the two would work well together and then you could get something besides just a scarf out of the one. Maybe add a little pink fringe to compliment as well, for a shawl.

You peeps are SO smart!! It never occurred to me to use them TOGETHER! I wonder about myself sometimes. :mrgreen:

Ok, I am off to find a nice shawl pattern that would showcase these two goodies! :yay:

And thank you all for the compliments. I have been petting this yarn all afternoon. :cheering:

Beautiful, beautiful yarn. Whatever you make, I hope you do some kind of open-work/lace pattern to show off those glass beads.