Yarn Overs

When reading a pattern…say…"K1, K2TOG,YO, P1, YO, SSK, K2*

It’s hard to explain…Do I YO and then knit? Or YO then purl the next stitch. Just not sure if knitting after a YO = a YO. Or YO means make a hole there and continue reading the pattern as normal.

Ps - When a pattern says multiple of 8+2…Does it mean 8+8+8 then add 2? Or 8+2+8+2+8+2?’

Hope this made sense.

Thank you.

When the pattern tells you to YO you either knit or purl the next stitch. It’s just creating an eyelet which is usually part of the design. On the next row you some will usually knit or purl into it as you do a regular stitch.

If a stitch is a multiple of 8+2 you multiply with the 8 however many you patterns of the design then add 2. The two just makes the design work. Here’s a page explaining it.

For example if you were making a scarf with multiples of 8+2 obviously that would be too narrow. So you need to make that little multiple larger. So for a generous scarf you could multiple by 8 so you get 8x8=64 then you add 2. 8x8=64+2=66. You’d cast on 66.

Yes, “make a hole there and continue reading the pattern as normal”. In your case it would be either the P1 or the SSK.