Yarn overs?

So I was just wondering, does a ‘yarn over’ count as a knitted stitch, or is it just its own stitch? Because my pattern says “yo twice, k4, repeat to end of row” If if do the ‘yarn over’ twice, should I only knit 2 more stitches?? Or knit 4 stitches??

You’ll YO two times, then k4, YO two times, k4 repeatedly across your row. YO are an action to add a stitch, not a worked stitch, and are usually paired with a decrease to keep stitch count even. Seeing your next row may help the experts figure out what’s going on here since there’s no decrease.

Happy knitting!

A yo is its own stitch, so yo2 then k4 and repeat. The next row will tell you whether you work both loops or drop one of them and only do one stitch in the other.

Thanks for the helpful advice everyone!! :slight_smile:

I finally decided to attempt to knit the Martha Stewart Homecoming Poncho, (pattern can be found in RedHeart yarns site, or skeinlane site)…I have a few rows done, but I am not at all comfortable with the top, or the neckline of this poncho…it says, after you have finished the 72 rows of Mock Granny Stitch pattern, to ‘Knit across remaining 18 sts. Place on holder.’ This poncho is weird as it has to be knit in 4 pieces, then sewn together, but the neckline is not done until the very end…after all 4 pieces have been knitted. OK…here is where it gets really strange…Neckband: ‘Slip all neck sts from holders onto needle - 72 sts. With RS facing, join yarn to right side neck and knit across all sts. Work in Garter st (knit every row) for 2" [5 cm], ending with a RS row. Bind off loosely. Sew remaining Poncho and Neckband seam. Weave in ends.’

Does anyone see any problem with my not following that particular part of the pattern, and going with another pattern at the end of the poncho, where I can just bind off normally, and sew the pieces together to each other? I have another pattern that will give me all of the lace effect this poncho gives…I have only worked on one of the 4 pieces so far. I am not at all crazy about the way this pattern has sooooo many YO’s … its just not explained very well…it may be explained better in the crochet pattern since it was crocheted originally, from what I understand, by a ‘cellmate’ of Martha Stewart. I am just not good at crochet - yet!

I really, really like the Scalloped Edge of this pattern…but not the rest of the pattern…its not that difficult, except for all the YO’s and all the strange long pieces of yarn on the next row…lol…any ideas, ladies and gents?:yay:

You can certainly bind off each section, seam them and then pick up sts around the neck (72sts) and knit the neckband. You can either join all 4 sections, pick up sts and knit the neckband in the round or leave one seam open, pick up and knit the neckband and then close the 4th seam as the pattern instructs.
I think the pattern is just trying to save the extra step by keeping the final row of live sts in each section so that you don’t have to pick up sts.
I like working into yarn overs and they certainly are a big part of the look of this poncho. Enjoy finishing the remaining sections!

Hi Salmon, actually, I’m trying to avoid having to do all of that…true, it will alter the pattern, but that seems like such a lot of extra work to me…I was not sure about all that [k1,p1] into yo…until I did it a few times…and it is kind of fun…however on the next row, you have all these long strands, and it kind of throws you for a ‘loop’, pardon the pun, at first…I do like the lacy, open look of the poncho…but am wondering if I can’t just bind off and make a normal type of top after the 72 rows…I am already way off on my stitch count…but this pattern doesn’t tell you how many stitches you should have…you CO 90…and at the point I’m at, I have well over 100 + stitiches…I do like the scalloped edge at the bottom…and the open lace look but just think that’s an awful lot of work to do that with the neckband…I have other poncho patterns that you just bind off and sew up the sides… with this one, I will have four sides…which may be pretty huge, considering you use 90 CO’ons for each section…maybe I am just being a baby about doing that stitch holder stuff…(I really haven’t done that before)…lol…I have knitted a LOT of ponchos, headbands, purses, and slippers, sweaters, but never have had to hold stitches…maybe I should go to my craft shop and ask for help? I’m doing this poncho simply because I like the edge and the lacy look…should be a lot ‘cooler’ than my normal, closed ponchos…and not because I’m a big fan of Martha’s…I really never had the opportunity to watch any of her shows…thanks for the input…and I guess I should ‘man up’, even tho I’m not a man, and dive in and do it the way its supposed to be done? :aww:

The number of sts per repeat is noted in the directions for each pattern st. Scallop edge sts, no change in st number; Granny st, the number changes as noted in each row and summarized below the pattern directions. You can use markers (loops of yarn will do)to keep track of st number and see where you’re going wrong in each repeat. If you’re off by so many sts, you’ll need to decrease to ~72sts or the neck will be huge.

If you like the look of the lacy poncho, then finish by knitting the other 3 sections. I agree that binding off and picking up sts for the neck is more work. That’s why the pattern suggests using stitch holders. You can simply slip the sts onto a spare length of yarn if you like. The neck band is straightforward knitting.

Woe is me…shortly after I last posted here, I was checking out how the scalloped edge was looking and ran across a HUGE glaring mistake that could not have been easily fixed…ordinarily, taking something apart goes fairly smoothly…but the type of yarn I was using may have been the culprit of the kazilion knots facing me…it literally took me the entire weekend and into most of Monday to get that skein straightened out…it just knotted itself! Amazing! Its such a pretty yarn, this Caron Simply Soft, but watch out for it…man, I have never seen such tangles and knots! Now I will start over with far more caution!

It’s all part of knitting. I’ve seamed an entire sweater, then taken it apart and re-knit the back. If it’s not right, it’s not right. Good luck with the repeat!

Wow I’ve never had Simply soft get tangled up when ripping it out and I’ve done that many times. It’s usually the fuzzy yarns that get stuck together. It usually goes better when you knit a project the second time though.

You are so right Sue. I also am incorporating a different pattern into the Martha poncho…found an eyelet pattern that is working out much better (for me) and incorporating that into the scalloped edge that M’s poncho calls for…its also helping me do the increasing and decreasing on the same row with far fewer yo’s and double work into the yo…this eyelet pattern I found does a lot of the same stuff without as many fancy k&p’ s into the yo…I think that’s where I messed up the first time…found this one very long stitch way down at the beginning of the Mock Granny stitches…and it went on over several rows…I don’t know how I did that but I have started making flowers and leaves to cover my other goofs…and I have invented an added attraction for another poncho I have to sew up…this is causing my back to ache so I try not to do too much of the intricate patterns when it gets late at night…
Oh, I’m not telling what my ‘added attraction’ is until I get that other piece sewn together and my labels sewn in…I love that there are fabric labels…that is just too cool…
Now, I’m going to go play a game or two then hit the sack…need to lie down and ease my back pain…