Yarn Overs

HI, I know how to do yarn overs, as long as they aren’t the first thing on the needles to do. I mean, I can do a YO if there are stitches in front and behind of it.

I have a pattern that calls for:
Row 1 knit
Row 3 YO, K1
Row 5 YO, K2
and so on, for many rows.
HOW do you do a YO at the beginning of a row?
I have the sts on the left needle, no sts on the r needle, but, you’re supposed to droop the yarn forward, for a YO, but, there’s no yarn bridge to droop it over?

Bring your yarn to the front of the work, knit the first stitch and that makes a YO because the next stitch ‘anchors’ it.

hold the yarn forward; insert the right needle to knit, the yarn comes OVER th needle to the back, forming the yarnover, then you wrap it for the knit stitch.