Yarn-Overs Unravelled!

Hi, I am working a scarf pattern that has a button/botton hole on it. Right now I am working on the button hole.

The pattern said to yarn over three times, and then continue knitting, turn… etc.

Now I’ve gone back accross the row since I’ve turned the work, and when I got to the three yarn overed ‘stitches’ it said [B]“purl next stitch together with yarn yo”[/B]. When I did that the other two yarn overs just came un done and left a long string between the sticth I just knitted and the next actual stitch to be knit (there were no yarn overs left on the left needle). The pattern called to repeat the row twice, so it seems the yarn overs should have stayed there…

What happened? Does it have something to do with the direction I yarn overed?

Help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


The 3 yos will come undone when you purl the next st together with the yo. It will make a largish hole in the knitted fabric and I assume that’s your buttonhole. Work the next row and then tug at the area below the buttonhole. It should pull the loose strand into the knitting and leave you with the buttonhole but no exra strand.

Okay, so I worked the piece back until the 3 yarn overs part, and then worked the pattern as it said in the book, taking more care to not let the other two yarn overs unravel as I purled the one YO with its adjacent stitch (as the pattern stated). I continued, just being more careful, and it worked.

So, I guess it was just a matter of me being more careful!

Thanks for your quick reply though!