Yarn overs? Lace pattern question

I’m trying to knit the Juliet scarf from Knitting Little Luxuries (you can see the scarf here: [U][COLOR=#0000cc]flickr.com/photos/25580302@N08/2515104798[/COLOR][/U] and http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v69/jesdmill/new/hardingscarf2.jpg

I’ve knitted lace a few times before. I’m not an experienced lace knitter by any means, but I’ve done enough of the ssk, yo, k2tog, etc., to feel pretty comfortable tackling an easy project like this. However, after 6 or 7 attempts at knitting this pattern last night, I just couldn’t figure out why my yarn overs would turn into dangly peices of thread, as opposed to the lovely, decorative gaps seen in the pictures above. There aren’t little spaces in my knitting, but big ones with the yarn dangling in between. I must be doing the yarn over wrong–any tips? I think my tension is fine, so I’m not sure what’s making my scarf look raggedy instead of tasteful.
Thank you.

A lot of times lace looks bad until you have finished it and blocked it. My husband is always amazed after I block a shawl or stole…if you could post a picture of the YO we may be able to tell if something is wrong…Amy does have a YO video here(scroll down)…also sometimes on lace I will pick up the YO on the new row it helps too. Where the YO st would be I lift up on the bar running between the sts and go in through the widest part of the st…:thumbsup:

Thank you. I guess that makes sense, especially since i’m knitting with a finer yarn this time…I’ve always knitted lace on DK or sportweight yarn, so the problems don’t show up as much. Hopefully it’ll look better after I’ve blocked it. I looked up all the video tutorials online to make sure I’m knitting properly, so I’m sure blocking will help out…
One last question though. What do you mean when you say that you pick up the YO on the next row?

Most of the time when I do lace I will work the YO when it states it in the pattern, but there have been times when I wanted to create a smaller hole, instead of the larger hole a YO creates. I work the row/round and just skip when it says to work the YO, however on the next row or round you gotta remember that it is missing…when you come to where it should be worked I would pick up the bar/yarn in between the two sts and then go in through the larger opening and this would create a smaller hole. :thumbsup:

I’m sure after you block yours it will look great :thumbsup:

Oh, good tip! I’ll try that. Thanks so much.

I thing that I learned early on is the different yarn overs based on if it’s between a knit and knit, knit and purl and so on. There are 3 yarn over’s on this one video that I refer to often http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qq__ttEMUo from the “knitwitch” that’s the username if that link doesn’t work you can just type in Yarn over and you will see her name and video.