Yarn Overs at the beginning of a row

How do you make a yarn over at the beginning of the row? Cast on 3 st. Row1: YO, k3, Row2: YO, k4, Row4: YO, k2 tog, yo, k3, Row 4: YO, k2 tog, yo, k4, Row 5: YO, k2 tog, yo, k5. This is the “Truly Tasha’s Shawl” featured in woolywest.com by Nancy Bush. I have twisted that yarn every which way before knitting a stitch, but nothing comes out correctly. I will appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you in advance. Ginger

The way I go about is this. Just yo like normal. when you go to do your next stitch, just kinda hold your yo there with a finger, then do your next stitch. After your next stitch is done, the yo should be secure.

Bring the yarn to the front instead of the back, knit the first stitch and you have a YO before it.

This is the way I think of it. Hold the yarn in back because you are going to knit the stitch, then put the right hand needle[B] under[/B] the yarn, bring the needle tip to the front and knit the stitch. I knit Continental and that works for me.

If you knit English you may not really have the yarn in back that much for the first stitch, but hold the yarn a little off to the right somehow before you do the first stitch and run the right hand needle under that yarn then knit that first stitch.

Got it! Many thanks. Must be my dyxlexia.