Yarn overs and purls

Thanks for your help with my yo, sl 1 pwise, yo. You saved the day. And yet I’m stumped again. I understand that yo is an increase, it leaves a hole, etc. But there’s something basic about yo and purls that I’m missing. I’m now called upon to k, yo, ssp, k. The yo brings the yarn in front, but if the next stitch is a purl, it’s not really a yo. It’s just a knit followed by a ssp. With the yarn in front after the ssp, the following knit stich gives me a yo [I]after [/I]the ssp rather than before it. What am I missing? Many thanks, once again.


k, yo, ssp, k
makes a knit stitch followed by a yarn over and then the ssp, and a knit following that.

Perhaps what you are doing is the wrong kind of YO. You need the kind that follows a knit stitch and has a purl stitch next. So you knit the stitch, bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the top of the right hand needle and clear back around until the yarn is in front again. Then slip your 2 stitches 1 at a time, kw to the RH needle, slip them back to the left needle and purl the 2tog tbl, k1. Try that? Did it work?