Yarn Over

My YO on the purl side seem to be larger than YO on the knit side. Is this common or should pull the yarn realy tight?

Many knitters purl more loosly than they knit which can be a contributing factor. If you find that your purl rows are looser than your knit rows, then that may be the big problem. you can try purling with a needle size smaller than you knit with.

The other problem may be that you on not working the YO correctly on the following row. Be careful that you do not twist your YO on the row after you work them. If you find it hard to knit the YO, as though you have to sort of dig for your needle to get in there correctly, it’s probably not oriented properly on your needle. You can either reorient it like you would for an SSK or you can simply work it through the back loop.

Let me know if that makes sense.

That make perfect sense, thank you