Yarn over then purl

Hi all,

I’m familiar with the yarn over… I do it like how Amy does it in the video, where you bring the yarn to the front as if to purl but then knit, thereby creating an extra stitch. Thing is now, if the next stitch after the yarn over is a purl, how would I work the yarn over? If I follow the way shown by Amy in the video and how I’ve been doing it as well, it will result in a regular purl stitch with no yarn over stitch created. Would I work it the opposite way, i.e take the yarn to the back as if to knit and then purl?

Thanks for your help!


I just did this oe recently, thinking I had before, but somehow forgot…
I basically just wrapped it again, because one wrap just gets it ready for a purl and has no effect. once more did the trick for me. …
Hopefully one of the others will weigh in on this and verify…

ETA: I found this and I think it’s sorta like what I did… I guess the extra wrap comes after you insert to purl but before you follow through…

Thanks for the quick reply Jodie! (how’s the knitting going nowadays?)

If it worked for you I’ll give it a try and see if it works for me… thank you! :muah:

Better, thanks for asking… I haven’t officially thanked all you nice pals that offered me good vibes…i’m still kinda verklempt about that mitten and somewhat embarrassed at my bad attitude about it…
I added a link I found on the purl yo just before you replied… I think it’s a better view of what I did… :hug:

Thanks for the link Jodie! Don’t be embarrassed about it! It would drive any knitter batty and who else but us would understand?

Ok, before I go back to my knitting, I’m going to go find out what verklempt means! And I’m gonna use it on my hubby! That should make him go :??


Not sure if I spelled it right… I remember it from a bit that Mike Myers did on SNL as “Linda Richman”… tawk amongst yaselves… I’m feeling a little vuhklempt"
Like it was pronounce “vuh-klempt” but for some reason I thought it had an r in it…I guess it’s like “choked up or upset”.

I don’t think of YOs as bringing the yarn to the front, then knitting the next stitch (or purl) but as wrapping the yarn around the needle. It’s like you’re making a stitch without the tip being inserted in the next stitch on the left needle.


Between knit stitches, bring the yarn forward or bringing it over works the same way.

Before a purl, you have to bring it over the needle and and back to the front. For years I just put it to the back and purled with the yarn in the knit position, and it made a sort-of yo, but not big enough and hard to knit into. I was surprised when I saw how to do it the right way, and it made a big difference. Live and learn.

Ing, that’s how I feel about picking up stitches… did it on several other items, small ones, and thought “why is this so hard? it doesn’t seem so to me?” and the just last week, while starting a “garterlac” cloth I found online, I actually read the explanation of picking up stitches as I hadn’t atually seen anyone go into a paragraph on how to do it. I thought, “hmmm, this person must have some tips.” Only to find out I have been doing it all wrong. I thought you just simply picked up one side of each stitch onto your needle, worked for me for what I was doing it on…had no clue it meant you were to put your needle in front to back and draw yarn through…derrr…it never dawned on me to look up the procedure! :roflhard:
Definitely live and learn!

I’m self taught, years before the internet or becoming aware of knitting books, and always interpreted pick up stitches and knit' as imagining the piece you're picking up from as if it were the left needle. So you'd poke the right needle through the stitch andknit’ it.