Yarn over(s)

Does a YO always go over the right needle from right to left?
How about after a purl stitch? And when I come to a YO from the previous row, do I knit the YO as if it were a true stitch, or bypass it and knit the next stitch?.

Yep, a YO is just wrapping the yarn over your needle…it would be on the right needle…and going from a purl stitch would be the same (I just take the yarn back to the back and wrap it like I would if I had just did a knit st)…when you come to a YO you just knit that like it’s a normal stitch…

as far as how you wrap…it kinda depends on how you knit…I wrap different than my mom does…I know she uses the English way and I use the continental way…:thumbsup:

If you’re doing a yo between 2 knit sts, you bring the yarn forward between the 2 needles (as if you’re moving the yarn to do a purl st), then when you go to knit the next st, it will go back over the needle.

I’m not too familiar with doing yos after or between purl sts, but I believe if you do a yo after a purl st, you bring the yarn to the back over the needle (and back to the front if necessary between the needles). I would let someone confirm that part though, just in case I’m mistaken.

You knit a yo st like it was a regular st in the following row.

Thank you both for your suggestions and Wenda, I do believe that you explained how to do the YO after a purl st (which I was doing wrong…) I don’t like doing YO, but it really looks nice in the Leaves In A Row sampler I’m working on. Thanks so much for all your help!