Yarn over question

My pattern reads yo, turn. When I have done yarn overs before I have always gone on to knit or purl.

Should I just be wrapping the yarn and then leaving it like that to turn? Or does a knit or purl always have to follow a yo?

I just feel like there’s something more to be done, but I don’t know what since there’s not supposed to be another stitch after the yo!

No you can YO at the end or beginning of a row. You can turn first, then do the YO.

Sue, I’m not getting this either, can you tell us a little more or direct us to a tutorial or something? The pattern says to yo at the end of the row… is that actually possible or is the way to deal with this to turn and do the yarn over at the beginning of the next row (or the after the turn if this is a short row or something)? I can’t see a way to yo at the end of a row either. :eyes: If the yo is actually at the beginning of the next row, why don’t they just write it that way. :??

It is easier to turn and then YO at the beginning of a row (or short row). I dunno why they put it at the end instead of the beg of a row.