Yarn over question

okay this may seem like a simple thing but I’m just not getting it. I have a scarf pattern that calls for K1, yo. k2tog. I thought this would be simple enough for me to–I’m very much a beginner and have not been able to knit much lately. But even after watching the video on yarn overs, mine still did not look good. Maybe it was the yarn? I have Manos del Uraguary that I’ve been wanting to use but maybe this isn’t the right pattern for the yarn.

The two main problems I’ve had were the yo’s were very loose and the K2tog were so tight I could barely get my needle through.

Am I just out of practice?

thanks for any advice.

It may be partly your tension, but the yarn overs are going to be looser than a k2tog. YO leave a small hole in your work and are a design feature. If you look at a picture of the item you’re knitting you should see a lacy effect.

You may have to knit a little looser on the previous row (or CO) so you can get your needle into the 2 sts for k2tog. After the first row or two, the sts will even out.