Yarn over question

In a row of my cardigan pattern stitch, it says to

*P1, yo, p2tog, k4, rep from *

Does this mean that I move the yarn to the back after I purl, and p2tog that way? I’d appreciate any assistance. Thanks! :hug:

no yarn over means you move you yarn to the back wrap your yarn around like your knitting a stitch and then p2tog.

:?? Still having trouble understanding the logic of it. :blush:

You can do a YO with the yarn in front. Basically, you want to wrap the yarn around your needle so that it’s ready for the next stitch. If you’re purling, then do your purl 1, then bring your yarn over and around your right hand needle, so that it wraps once around the needle. The yarn should be in position now to do your next stitch, which in this case is the p2tog.

*P1, yo, p2tog, k4, rep from *

Purl one. Your yarn will be in the front when you have done that, from there take the yarn over the RH needle to the back and then under the needle so that it ends up in the front again. From that front position you are ready to purl the 2 tog.