Yarn over question

I have a question about “yarn overs”:

Do you always put the yarn over the needle from the front to the back (as in Amy’s video)? Even after a purl stitch? Since a purl stitch ends with the yarn in front of the needles, I was wondering if maybe the yo should go behind the needle, then over the yarn to the front. I’m knitting - or should I say frogging - some simple lace socks and lost a stitch along the way somewhere, and I think it’s because some of the yo’s follow purl stitches and I accidently dropped one of them or knitted it together with the purl stitch because I didn’t see it.


For a yo do whatever movement it takes to make one new loop over the needle between stitches.

Between 2 knits, wool at back: do a wrap just like you do when the needle’s through a stitch to make a knit, i.e. bring wool to front like for a pul, then OVER the needle to the back again.

Between a knit and a purl: do the normal yo, then bring the wool to the front like you normally do when going from a knit to a purl.

Between two purls: around in the same direction as a knit stitch or yo, ending up back at the front

Between a knit and a purl: just once over the needle to the back.

Once you’ve been knitting with yos for a while, you know when they’re coming, and you get used to knitting them without dropping them, or noticing and picking them up immediately when you do.


Thanks for the quick answer - I think I understand…I’m at work now and don’t have my knitting with me to sit here and try it out.

I have to do yo’s in this pattern between a purl and a knit, so it “feels” like I’m only doing half a stitch if I take the yarn from the front (after purling) and put it over the needle to the back to knit the next stitch. That’s why I was wondering if I was supposed to be wrapping the yo around the needle in the opposite direction than a “normal” yo.

I’m definitely going to use a lifeline on these socks in between the lace patterns - I could not figure out where the missing stitch was between the increases and decreases and yo’s…so I had to frog the whole thing. Ah well, practice makes perfect. :wall:

If you are doing a yo between the purl & knit then instead of taking the yarn under the right needle (if you were just doing straight P, K) take the yarn OVER the right needle ready for the k stitch.

Thanks! :muah:

I’m going to sit down now and try to get through this lace pattern without messing it up!