Yarn over on cast on row?

This may seem like a stupid question, but I really haven’t been knitting for very long, and I’ve had a few month hiatus. Anyway, I’ve done normal yarn overs before, but never before on the cast on row. Also the pattern is calling for a “triple yarn over.” So I’m not quite sure what direction to wrap the yarn and how many times (I’m assuming three?) and how to continue casting on afterwards.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve never heard of a YO on a CO row. What pattern are you making?

A multiple YO would make an elongated stitch. You wrap it just like a normal YO, but as many times as the pattern says to.

It’s just a simple tank top knit from top to bottom. It’s in “Pretty in Punk.”

But yeah…trying to figure out how to cast on again after doing the yarn over is the tricky part-I’ve never attempted it before.

Maybe if you do a knitted cast on, you can yo 3 times and then knit into the stitch before the 3 yo’s?

What are you supposed to do on the next row?

Are you doing YOs in the same place on subsequent rows? Wondering if this is one of those patterns that feature a “snag” as a design element, meaning the next row might have 2 (or 4) YOs in the same place, the following row 1 (or 5), so you wind up having a triangular piece that is basically just the horizontal yarn stranded across the gap.

Odd that it would start in the CO row, though.

Yes! It’s supposed to be one of those ladder effects. It says to start on the cast on row, then on the following two purl rows, then it goes into stockinette stitch. I believe the pattern states to do the triple yarn over for a total of six rows, then decrease it to a double yarn over for 8, and then single yarn overs for ten. I think I figured it out-though it was kinda awkward…

I experimented with this and I concluded that for a long tail CO (the kind I do) you need to wrap both yarn strands around the needle 3 times (or however many) and CO the rest. I tried it with just one, and of course, the other isn’t long enough, so you need to wrap both. It’s tricky.

I, too, was fiddling with it and tried the knitted on CO (that was a BIG bust, LOL - way too fiddly and looked sloppy) and then tried long tail CO, but I used only one strand to do the YO - it worked but was just not right either.

Sue - That was a great idea, so of course I tried it and it does look much neater than anything else I tried - makes a nice 2 strand ladder for the bottom.

You’d think they would have given some more directions with that, though, it really is out of the box.

Oh, I’m glad it worked; it was a bit messy with the yarn I tried it with. If the top I’m working on now doesn’t turn out, maybe I’ll give that pattern a try again… if I can find it in my files…

Coincidentally I was just looking at this pattern, and it asks you to do the same thing. (YO on cast on row) & was wondering how to do that. You answered the question, thanks.

At least knitty gave the info to do the long tail!

Jints - If you do it, definitely use the “suzeeq method” on the previous page of this thread. I forgot to add I had also attempted it with a cable cast on and that was, um, not so good , either!