Yarn over increases

I’m a fairly newbie and need to know how to do an yarn over ? I’m trying to make holes in a shawl and not quite sure how to do the yarn over. Once you do the yarn over, on the next row do you yarn over again or knit?

Conti Way
English Way

Well, that depends on what the pattern indicates. Usually, you should just knit (or purl) the YO st on the next row. But that’s not ALWAYS the answer. What pattern are you using?

And if ek’s :thumbsup: doesn’t quite answer, then yes, on the next row you treat it like a stitch and knit or purl it.

I’m not using a pattern .I’m trying to copy a shawl that I bought from a craft show. It has yo’s down the center and is a triangle shawl but not quite a triangle. I can’t figure out how to do the yo’s and increases in order for it to come out even on both sides. I hope I’m not confusing any one. :thinking: