Yarn over help

I am kinda new to this knitting thing, a friend introduced me this summer and now i am kind of hooked. Been doing a few gloves, socks and a childrens sweater and now im knitting a jumper for myself with raglan knitted from top to bottom.

However, there is a problem i just can’t get a grip of and handle. To increase the pattern uses YO that is knitted twisted on the next round. When the increase with YO is every second round it gets (in my beginner eyes) perfect and im very pleased - however, when increasing every round i get theese holes that come even though i hold the yarn (super) tight. In theese laps the YO and the “old” twisted YO gets next to eachoters, could this be why?

Any ideas how to fix this? I’ve already started over 4 times and every time is the same. I posted also a pic to show.

/// Jonatan

A YO is not only an increase. It’s a way to create decorative eyelets or small buttonholes. It sounds like what’s happening is perfectly normal. Your work is beautiful!

What is the pattern name? Do you have a link?

Here is the link! Ye get very beautiful when i increase every other round but first 4 (when every round)… still not happy. Must be something i do wrong. But im also a perfectionist i guess :slight_smile:


I looking at the pictures it looks fine to me. Maybe someone else can help.

Great looking sweater!
When you inc every round, you’re still twisting the yo from the previous round. Is that right? Then making the yo before A1, A1, the yo after A1, a new yo and finally twisting the yo from the previous round?

Haha now you made me doubt myself! :stuck_out_tongue:
Ye I hope i’ve been doing it like this cause this is what i’ve understood from the pattern:
Front/Back: A1, YO, Twisted YO, ------ Twisted YO, YO, A1

(whole round if staring from mid back would be something like:
— Twisted YO, YO, [B]A1 ---- A1[/B], YO, Twisted YO, ------ Twisted YO, YO, [B]A1 ---- A1 [/B], YO, Twisted YO ----) (Bold areas are the sleeves)

You think im doing it right?


Yes, that’s it exactly. So the yo from the previous round should get tightened up when you twist on the current round. It may not be closing up as nicely however as when you inc on alternate rounds because of the open yo next to it. I’ll have to try a swatch to see.
It might could even out when you block it or wash it.

Thank you so much for the answer! Truly appreciated :slight_smile:
I think i’ll start over once more just to see but i guess practise makes perfect then!

Btw what do you mean by “block it”?


Often with knitwear, you can even out the stitches and size by washing or just wetting the project, drying in a towel and pinning the project out to the correct measurements. Let it dry completely and in many cases small inconsistencies are lessened or disappear.

For acrylic yarn, follow the ball band recommendations for washing and drying.
The most important thing is to know how your yarn should be treated, so look at the ball band to see what the manufacturers recommend. There are also more videos for blocking if you Google “blocking hand knits”.

If it still bothers you when you’re done and you’ve washed and blocked it, cheat.
Thread a yarn needle with a scrap of the same yarn, run it through the back of the work to hold it, and spear both sides of the back of the loose stitches in a ladder-like pattern. Pull them up until they look good to you and secure and bury the other end in the back of the stitches. It’s way easier to do than to explain :slight_smile:

Wow thank you all so much!

So much helpful tips. I guess this shirt will look so good when it’s done thanks to you! (unless i knit to hard and make it to small :wink: )