Yarn over help!

I’m doing a simple pattern that calls for a yo every line. Which I don’t know how to do, but have looked up. Every explanation I’ve found says something about the next ‘purl’… but in this pattern there IS no purling. I’m so confused, and I still don’t know how to yo. Can someone help me, please?

I’m not sure where you are getting your explanation of a yo but it’s very simply when you wrap your yarn around your needle and then work the next stitch. Usually the next stitch is a knit stitch but it can also be a purl. A YO creates a hole in your work and is often used in lace patterns.

Go to the View Videos tab above and click on increases. Then scroll down to the very bottom and watch the Yarn Over video.

That should clear things up a bit.

If you are knitting all stitches for a yarn over you would bring the yarn forward between your needles as if you were going to purl and then bring it to the back again going over your right needle so that when you knit your next stitch the yarn will have made an extra loop on your right needle.

I figured it out… I figured it out!! :slight_smile:

I had to frog this blanket three times already, heh, and my yarn is wearing, but I’ve got it! Thanks!

Great feeling when you armwrestle that knitting to the ground and make it cry Uncle isn’t it? Way to stick with it.