Yarn Over Help

I am a beginning knitter and just started a new pattern. The pattern is

knit 3, yo, k2
knit 3, yo, k3
knit 3, yo, knit to end
Repeat last row until there are 126 stitches…

My problem is when I do the ko I follow the instructions from this website and I am doing it right. However, it looks like I have holes in the knitting. Not a dropped stich but a hole. Is this normal? I have never done a yo before so I just don’t know if I am somehow doing something wrong or this is how it’s supposed to look :thinking:


do you have a picture of the finished pattern somewhere? if so, are there holes in the work? based on the pattern you put there i would say, yes, there should be holes in the work. the yarn over creates that! :thumbsup:

I don’t have a good enough pic of the pattern to see if it would or wouldn’t. Thanks for the quick response. I figured it was supposed to but this being only my thrid project just wanted to make sure before I did the whole thing. I have already started over 4 times. :lol:

You’re making eyelets!!

I am curious what the pattern is for, do you have a link??

Yarn overs (yo) do create eyelets, that’s what they’re meant to do. A yo also creates a new stitch so this is why it says to repeat the row until 126sts total. You are increasing stitches on each of those rows.

sounds like a baby blanket or washcloth knit diagonally.
with holes at the edges.

That’s exactly what it is. Here is the link


If you look at the picture of the blanket, you’ll see little holes all along the edge. Those holes are created by your yo.