Yarn Over Help Needed

I’m trying to make socks on the linked pattern and having difficulty with the eyelet rib chart:


I finished the toe and started the chart. I completed rows 1 to 3 of the chart, but when I started row 4 the loops of the yarnovers on the row beneath (row 3) are backwards on the needles and very difficult to pick up. I’m fairly certain I did them correctly, as I watched the knitwitch video while I did them. So, I don’t know if I’m supposed to try and knit into them as normal, or knit into the back loop which would be much easier, but the pattern does not direct me to do that. I tried knitting them as normal and continued on with row 1 again, but it looks awful so I picked it all out. Any helpful tips would be much appreciated. Thanks much.

Did you watch the video right here? go to the glossary tab at the top, then scroll down to the bottom till you get to YO. it’s a good video of what a YO should look like while you’re doing it and after it’s done.

Since you are working in the round all the chart rows are worked right to left and you always do what the chart shows (no opposites). I think you know that, just making sure.

I tried out the pattern and the yarn overs don’t present themselves backwards when you work row 4. If you did them right in row 3 they will be exactly where you put them and in the right presentation.

Since the yarn overs in both cases are between two stitches that you treat both as knits all you need to do for the yarn over is to bring the yarn to the front between the needle tips. Then from that position deal with the next stitch.

The first time you k2tog and then you will bring the yarn to the front between needle tips and knit that next stitch from that position. Then bring the yarn to the front between needle tips again (the 2nd YO), and from that positon slip the next stitch knitwise and then slip the second stitch knitwise (or purlwise, depending on your school of thought) and execute the K part of the SSK (which works the 2 slipped stitches together).

When you come back to the yarn overs in the next row you go into them knitwise, and knit them like a regular stitch.

Thanks. I took a look at the video in the glossary. It is the same as the way shown on the knitwitch video, and that’s what I did. Wish I could try again right now, but I’m at work. Have to wait for my train ride home. Thanks for your suggestion.

Thanks MerigoldinWA for your comments. Yes, thankfully I did understand that the chart is read only from right to left since I’m working in the round. You mention just bringing the yarn to the front between the needle tips for a YO, but the videos show actual wrapping of the needle. So, which way should it be done? Is it essentially the same whether I wrap the yarn around the needle or just move it to the front? Maybe I’m misunderstanding you. In any event, I literally sat and watched the knitwitch video while I knitted, so I can’t imagine what I did wrong. I’ll just have to try again. I really appreciate all the help. Thanks so much.

It’s both - if you bring the yarn to the front and the next st is a knit, that makes a YO when you knit into it. It can make a YO if the next stitch is a decrease too. Or you just wrap the yarn around the needle. It’s just different ways that our minds think of doing it.

No, you are understanding me correctly. The yarn was in back for the k2tog, now bring the yarn to the front between the needle tips like you would if you were going to purl and keep the yarn there as you knit the next stitch. You usually think of having the yarn in back to knit but if you hold it in front and knit the stitch if will make a yarn over.