Yarn over help me!

hello im doing a pattern with a lot of yarns over and i have done lace work before(a tiny bit on some gloves) any way after a line of yarn overs the next line u knit where do i knit in to the top or the bottom i hope u get what i mean. i have had to frog it 3 times now i just cant figger out hat im oing seems no mattr what i do my line comes out looking like a normal line. pls help!

You knit or purl them like a regular stitch.

no but u carnt coz the bottom of the stc pulls it up/down so it looks like to and the join isnt in the same place so where do knit?

If you’re doing the YO correctly it would just be a strand of yarn over the needle. Have you seen the video for YO? It may be that you’re pulling the yarn too tight when you make it and that’s what’s pulling the sts next to it.

If you do a yo after a purl and before a knit just by leaving the yarn in front, you will get a yo, but a very tight one that wants to roll around over the needle. I did that for a long time and didn’t realize it was wrong.

If that’s the case, bring the yarn from the front over and around the needle to the front again. Then you’ll get a better yo to work with.

Ah yes, that’s true; your needle can get tangled up in all the `legs’ when you go to knit it.