Yarn over has come unravelled


I’m working on my first lace project and it’s harder than I thought (the paying attention is harder not the actual knitting :wink: ) I’ve made mistakes with the yarn overs previously and just went back and frogged it. Rip it. Rip it. But I’m wondering if I can fix the problem without going back and ripping it out.

My problem is this…I’ve yarned over on one row and then in the next row, (which I should be purling) somehow, it’s come unravelled and I’ve just got 3 long threads/loops where my yarn over should be. Does this make sense? I’ve tried to loop and twist and wrap the three threads to make it look like another yarn over but it’s not working. Is there a way to fix this or should I just rip it out and start again???

Help, please:aww:

Oh I wish I could see it in person… it kinda sounds like a dropped stitch down to the original YO and I know if I could play with it I could figure it out (only because I’ve done it like a billion times!).

Hopefully someone else can give you better help!!! I’m hoping you’re using lifelines too, that was the best thing I could have ever done with my first lace project! :o)

EvanP on Ravelry…thanks. That’s a good idea. Once I fix this problem, I will definitely use a life line. Still hoping someone knows of a great youtube video on how to fix this. Maybe you could post one after you fix your one billionth and one dropped yarn over??? :wink:

Good idea!!! I have to finish a couple projects this week, but then it’s back to my lace shawl, and I’m SURE I’ll mess something up… when I do I’ll make sure to make a video for myself and others!!