Yarn Over Goof Up

In my pattern I did an extra YO where I didnt need one. Is there any way of fixing this WITHOUT froggin all the way back to the end? It makes an extra stitch where I dont need one.



If it’s not too obvious, you could just k2tog (or do another decrease), or knit back to the place of the mistake.

When you get to the place where you would knit the extra yarn over, you could try just dropping it off your needle. This can make the stitches around it seem sloppy and loose, but this can possibly be fixed by waiting until you’ve knit a few rows past, and using a crochet hook to [I]gently[/I] tug the stitches around the dropped yo into place. It kind of depends on the yarn and your gauge.

Or as blueygh2 suggests-make an extra decrease–I’d just try knitting it together with the preceding or following stitch, depending on what looks better.

Of Course! Thank you!! For some reason I guess I had it in my head that you couldnt k2tog a yo and another stitch because it wouldnt work right. :teehee: Know idea where that came from!

LOL Thanks everyone!