Yarn over bind off

I thought I knew how to do this but now I’m not sure. I checked to see if there was a video and didn’t find one. Would appreciate a little lesson. Thanks in advance.

I am not familiar with that bind off technique; however, I did find verbal and or photo explanation on how to do it.

scroll down pass the pretty yarn and first four photos of an elastic BO.
and here

scroll down to the last comment for explanation.
I also saw on someones’ blog that they show you how to execute that BO in [I]The Knitting Answer Book[/I] so if you can get your hands on a copy of the book it might be helpful also.

Sorry for the delay with my thanks for your finds … I really appreciate you taking the time to track these down. I did do a variation but after ending up with a MESS. I tried several bind offs, didn’t like them, pulled out my needle only to have the misty alpaca stitches collaspe - so after some sweating and nail biting got the stitches back on my needle … The shawl is done now and is drying on the blocking board. I did find out that when doing the yarn over bindoff, NOT to do it every stitch, but perhaps every 3 or 4th or so. OH - I bought the “Knitting Answer Book” which has the yarn over bind off in there. It’s a great little book.