Yarn over before and after purls

Can someone please tell me if I’m understanding this? I’m doing the Embossed Leaves sock pattern, and the chart calls for a yarn over before a purl stitch on row 2. Do I wrap the yarn around the needle an extra time since it’s already in the front? Also, on row 10 there is a yarn over after a purl. Do I need to do anything special since the yarn’s already in front? I’ve never done anything from a chart before, so this is all new to me. It’s a good thing that the chart rows are numbered, because I would have started with the top row of the chart instead of the bottom. Is this standard for reading a chart? Thanks in advance for any help! :muah:

When you do a yo before a purl, then yes, you have to bring the yarn up over the needle and back to the front again.

After a purl depends on what comes next. If it’s another purl, then do it as above; if it’s before a knit, then you can work it from the front.

Thanks Ingrid!