Yarn over at the edges

Hello, ladies!

I have a question about lace.

When I have a yarn over as a first or second stitch what should I do?

A) keep it
B) omit it and work in stockinette stitch where I was supposed to do a decrease?
C) replace it with a M1?

I am asking that because I am wondering if the yarn over will not look so good at the edges after seaming.

Thank you all in advance! :muah:

If you have a link it would help us visualize it. In any case though I wouldn’t omit it. A YO is an increase and it’ll put your stitch count off which could mess up your stitch pattern.

Yes, a yarn over at the edge is not going to be a good foundation for a seam. If you’re decreasing, just leave out the yarn over. That way, if the pattern has had a yo and a decrease to compensate for the extra st, you’ll have your decrease.
If it’s not a decrease row, you can substitute stockinette or whatever the background or edge pattern is.

I should omit it even if it is the first stitch after the selvage stitch, right?
(Selvage stitch, yo, k2tog)

I should omit it even if it is the first stitch after the selvage stitch, right?
(Selvage stitch, yo, k2tog)

I didn’t know it had a decrease to compensate so that makes sense. :thumbsup:

Sometimes a yo at the beg or end of a row is to make a loop on purpose so you can pick up stitches for the edging a lot easier. A link or the name of the pattern would be very helpful.

The pattern is this one: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/butterfly-dress-or-vest
I am doing the waist decreases inside the selvage stitch that I added from the beginning of the pattern.

Do you mean the yo is part of the lace pattern? Yep, you could leave them out but don’t do the dec that’s next to it. Or just work that part of the lace repeat in stockinette stitch instead.

Yes, the yo is a part of the lace repeats. So in order to make the seam line looking good there is not “right” or “wrong” in this situation.

What if I do not have a selvage stitch? Does it matter there omitting it or not?

Right or wrong is how it looks to you. It’s usually not necessary to add a selvedge stitch, but it’s okay to work the decs inside the edge stitch which can be just knit plain instead of in pattern.

I like the selvedge stitch here. it gives you a nice even edge to seam and it’s narrow enough to be unobtrusive. It looks like it will work nicely with the very pretty lace dress you linked to.

Yes, I probably worded that confusingly. I meant that [I]adding[/I] stitches for a selvedge may affect the sizing, but keeping the first and last stitches plain rather than in pattern is a good idea and let them be the selvedges.