Yarn over and confused with pattern

Howdy y’all. Starting my second project a lacy wrap. I have a couple questions about the pattern.

What is yarn over? Tried to look up in videos…but can’t find one pertaining to that.

Pattern calls for
SK2P meaning Slip 1 stitch, knit next two togeather, pass slipped stitch over decreased stiches

So I understand to slip, do i take the next two stitches off the left needle and knit in one?
And is passing the stitch over decreased stitches kinda like binding off?

Thank you!!

A YO is an increase, you’ll find it on the Increases page toward the bottom. Or look for it on the Glossary page.

You slip the st from the left to the right needle, k2tog and pass the slipped st over the 1 st from the k2tog. It’s a double dec (you’re making 3 sts into 1 st) and passing the slipped st over is like BO.