Yarn opinions wanted

So this shawl/ scarf I am working on , meaning I have started it, the froged it the mocked up the beginning in cheap cotton, started again. It took me 2 hr todo the first 30 rows.and then found myself on the rs row with the ws facing me.
The wool I am using is the right weight and the gauge is fine but I am frustrated.
I wondered about the wool that they recommend.
I found out that it was browns sheep company nature spun fingering is a clean knitting yarn is not fuzzy .
I picked out a alpaca blend that is really soft. But the fuzzy bits aren’t helping me.
Do I buy & try different yarn.

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I’m not sure exactly what your problem is. If you have the correct gauge and weight of yarn knitting the scarf/shawl shouldn’t be a problem. It may look different than the picture, but it should work especially for a project that gauge is less important.

The yarn itself won’t affect whether you’re on the rs or ws of your work. That likely just means you miscounted the rows.

Hi Jan when ever I see your pic I think I am at the cat site instead,
my query was not a ? So much as seeking opinions as to when to throw in the towel and try something else maybe I should of just attached it to my earlier thread re a pattern question about said shawl. I have knitted for years but never anything difficult and often teaching children.
I can knit several garter stitch toys without blinking. But this pattern calls for a yo every row and a ssk on the purl row with a yo at the end starting with four stitches building to a large triangle with a moss st border picked up and added so staying on track of rs/ ws is important
Each row start k p yo and ends k p yo so what stitch I started with can’t jog my memory.
When I mocked it up in cotton I can see the stitches so clearly that I knew where I was by looking but the fuzzy makes it to hard to see and hard to rip out cause it tangles making an intermediate project hard

Hi Mykidcanknit,
I know I have had my fair share of frustrating knits. If you can find a more comfortable yarn to make your project, then that would be my option.
I hope I am not discouraging, just understanding of yarn choices not always being user friendly!

Oh I see! Some yarns don’t give you the definition that is good for the pattern so you may be happier with another pattern or different yarn for the one you’re doing. It’s okay to put down a project and start a new one. Knitting is supposed to be fun and relaxing and if it’s not then move on. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much what a pretty muted calico the buff and grey, we have 5 right now. About 2 1/2 years ago we had 9 but we lost some. 4 are all from one litter which makes them amusing.
When my eldest was little we only had one and when a six year old is unwinding a skein into a ball using two chairs it was funny for me but annoying for her ,
Take the kitty away mumma.