Yarn on the Internet

I have a lovely yarn store somewhat close to me but by the time I get home from work, I’m too beat to go anywhere! I would love some new yarn, and I guess I will resort to ordering it. Trouble is I’m too new at this to know any Internet yarn stores.

So here’s my question–where do you order your yarn? What are some trustworthy sites?

Thanks so much!

KnitPicks has some nice yarns.

I second Knitpicks, I love KP and there’s also Elan.

I have ordered only a couple of times…Sakonnett Purls was one and I’m thinking of ordering some yarn from Knit Picks, because I want to make some clogs but…!
you say you have a lovely yarn store somewhat close to you. I think you will find if you grab a cup of coffee and go you will forget how tired :sleepy:you are once you go in and get to look at all the wonderful yarn (and see the color in person and get to feel it) and patterns and meet some great people:heart: and get to talk knitting to people who have the same love of it that you do!
Your LYS (local yarn store) usually has a wealth of information and love to help.
I think once you go, you will realize it is worth the trip!:happydance:

Thanks for the recommendations! I looked at the Knit Picks site…it does look great!

Jen17–I know what you mean and believe me I would LOVE to go to the LYS. I took my initial lessons there and loved it. There’s even a Starbucks next door (how perfect is that???) But they close at 6 and I don’t usually leave school until way after 5 so I may have to wait till Thanksgiving vacation to get down there!! don’t think I can wait that long!!

thanks for the info!

A LYS with a Starbucks next to it!!!:woohoo:you lucky girl you, lol! what state are you in???

I know–it’s too perfect. You can go, get some coffee and then go to the store. It’s the best place for lessons!

I’m in Central Texas–just outside Austin.

There are no yarn stores near me and I have a penchant for special yarns. I am obsessed with looking at yarn on: http://shop.royalyarns.com/, http://yarn.com/ , http://www.ramwools.com/index.cfm?pageID=1 , http://www.kyarns.com/index.html and of course knit picks. One of the main things I like about yarn stores online is that you can look at all the wool divided into categories, so if you’re only looking for a specific weight, it’s all there. This makes it easy to compare prices and brands. A downside is colour, as sometimes it’s not always the same, and you don’t get to feel the yarn.

LYS…p2tog.com for sock yarn…angelyarns.co.uk…and anywhere else I see something I like.

[B][I][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Navy”]I’ve ordered beautiful handpainted yarn from
and found out about it right here at KH!

I just received an order from

this week…they have a great color selection of Plymouth Encore! And I got a cool circular needle case!

I also checked out a site at
and they have some beautiful yarn…I’ve not ordered from them…YET!

Have fun shopping![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B]

I go to Yarn Market @ www.yarnmarket.com

thanks everyone for the suggestions!