Yarn on Line

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I just bot a bunch of yarn online and I was wondering, do any of you here buy your yarn online and if so - was it a good experience for you?

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question…[/COLOR]

I have ordered online from KnitPicks, Loopy Ewe, SockPixie, Webs and Joann… every experience went well. I was afraid to order online at first (I’m a touch and feel kind of yarn buyer) but I went with the highly recommended sites above and have never been disappointed. I know there are several other shops I have yet to try out. I have gotten braver with all this success!

99 percent of my yarn is purchased on line. It’s just plain cheaper.
www.elann.com has great discounts as does Webs ( www.yarn.com ).
If you’re in the market for more higher-end yarn at great discounts, then I’d recommend www.littleknits.com .

I don’t buy yarn online I’m a instant gratification kind of person I need it now lol. I have thought about it though and I almost did one time on e-bay (it’ was someone’s yarn stash)

I buy a lot of my yarn online. I’ve shopped with KnitPicks, Jimmy Beans Wool, WEBS, Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co (Peaches and Cream) and elann. I’ve had wonderful luck with all of them and haven’t been disappointed yet. In fact I just got a package today from elann with some wonderful wool/alpaca blend yarns.

I would do more local shopping but budget is a huge consideration for me and the LYS’s in my area tend to be quite pricey.

I have only bought yarn online a couple of times - Knitpicks and WEBS. I think it helps if you have a color card! That way you can be more certain of the color (really hard online!) and texture. I got some Cascade wool yarn on sale at Webs, but there are no returns on sale items and the color wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, so I ordered more in a different color (still on the way). I think the great savings is somewhat offset by the fact that I bought twice as much yarn! :teehee: I know I’ll find a use for it, though.

Another thing that can be helpful is if you are a Ravelry member, search for the yarn and you can see different shots of the color in full garments, as well as read comments.

My tips are more related to avoiding problems with the yarn not being what you are expecting. If what you want to know is more customer-service oriented, that may not be much help! I have ordered lots of stuff from Knitpicks and they have EXCELLENT customer service. I haven’t had any problems with WEBS so I don’t know how helpful they are if you need it. I would say that from WEBS the standard shipping is kind of slow (maybe it’s the holidays but I’m not convinced). But their prices are pretty unbelieveable. :happydance:

I’ve bought yarn online at Elann.com, Knitpicks, Webs and eBay, and all of the experiences were good. I particularly like Elann because they always have a great selection and excellent prices, and I always receive my orders within 3 days of ordering.

Quoted for truth. Ravelry has definitely helped me in choosing yarn for both brand and color. (It’s also where I got some of those suggestions on good places to go.)

It’s the only place I seem to buy. I like Knitpicks, littleknits, and yarncountry.

I did get color cards from KP. My monitor seemed to show the colors differently. Now I have the color cards at my disposal and that makes it a lot easier to get accuracy.

I’ve been very happy buying from KnitPicks, Elann, and Herrschnerrs. As others have mentioned, the colors may not be exactly as shown on your monitor, but I haven’t been disappointed in the actual color when I get it.

I’m one that likes to see and feel the yarn in person before I buy, but I wanted some Lorna’s Laces and the LYS price was just more than I wanted to pay, so I got it from E-Bay. Since then I’ve ordered from Knit Picks, bought some from the Swap section on this forum, and several other online places. The only one that I was disappointed in was the Vinca sock yarn that I bought, and of course, I had to buy a LOT since it was such a good buy! But, I would say that I’ve had pretty good luck with online yarn, and saved a TON of money!

Knit picks, Elann and WEBS rock my world. Ive also bought from patternworks and Little knits. Oh yeah and from some sellers on eBay but only if recommended by someone else.

Thanks everyone for your great replies…:muah:
The yarn I bot was from Ebay and I bot lots of it of the same colourway in hopes of being able to knit something larger than a baby sweater…
I’m pretty excited… but time will tell.
So far I haven’t been notified if the yarn is on it’s way so I think I’ll make an enquiry soon…
Thanks for all the imput. You, guys, are the greatest!:yay:
I am definitely going to try some of the sites mentioned as the one and only yarn store near me is quite expensive as well.
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WIP… a long skinny scarf while I’m waiting for my yarn to come

My only problem with buying online is that because of shipping costs, I tend to order more than what I need. :roflhard:

I can buy one hank at the LYS, but it always seems to be cheaper to ship multiple skiens and hanks so I always take advantage of the shipping savings and I order too much. :blush:

I also buy 99.7% of my yarn online, from most all the places listed. LOVE ebay and check there DAILY for my favorite brands. Littleknits takes a bit longer than some but they are 3000 miles away from me so that’s understandable (their customer service is great). I alos love love love WEBS, Discontinuedbrandnameyarns.com, Elan, Knitpicks and … oh gosh the list goes on and on.