Yarn of the month?

has anyone joined this? :shrug:
seems like it’s pretty reasonable for test driving 4 yarns each month for around $9. i’m newer to luxury yarns (i’m used to walmart. i know…i know…) so i thought this would be a neat way to see what else is out there!

I joined the Yarn of the Month club a least a year ago to prevent myself from ordering so much yarn on line. :rofling::rofling::rofling::rofling::rofling::rofling:. .ahem.

Well, that didn’t work, but I found myself with a large collection of little baggies of yarn for swatches. A couple of months ago, I was kind of at a loss as to what to knit, so I started knitting the little swatches. It was fun! I discovered some yarn I love, and some that I know not to buy. Maybe someday I’ll stitch all these little squares together, but in the meantime I had fun and learned about a lot of new yarns.

It’s only enough yarn for a 4X4 swatch. :?? I like to wear stuff I knit, or at least make something USEFUL or BEAUTIFUL, so I think i would pass on this one.

If you find any GREAT yarns, though, let us know!

This looks very interesting. I’m thinking about it! TFS

Elann also has a version of this but they charge $52 for the year. So you know me, I would end up signing up to everybody’s yarn of themonth club so I could get even more yarn. :rollseyes:

Do you have a link to this? I can’t find it on their site. Thanks!

Here ya go


Ooh, they ship internationally too! I just might sign up as soon as my yarn budget increases (something I’m working on right now)!

Thanks for the link, I’m going to bookmark it! :cheering:

Thanks for the link. Does anyone know how this works? Do you only get one yarn sample per week? Do you get the sample with enough lead time so that you can order the special yarn when it’s offered?