Yarn needle

Okay, I really really need a yarn needle that has a BIG eye. I have to seam up my shrug and since I used kool wool, I can’t fit it into any that I have tried. Does anyone know of a good yarn needle that fits most of you yarn you buy? :pray:

I’m sorry but I don’t know who makes them, I think Susan Bates, but they’re blue plastic and come in a cell pack of 2. They have pretty big eyes and are available just about everywhere. If I every have trouble threading my yarn through the eye, I make a loop of dental floss, tie it around the yarn, and ususally it pull it through without splitting.

yup…susan bates is the one i use and i was able to put Jiffy Quick n Thick through it.

:thinking: You must mean those blue ones by Clover. I saw those on Joann’s but didn’t want to pay for shipping and they didn’t have them in the stores… okay… guess I will just have to shell out more for shipping than the item I want lol… I hate that

hmm…i thought they were susan bates too but maybe not. mine is a powder blue color. i have a dark blue needle that came from somewhere but it doesn’t fit squat through it. no idea where it came from… shrug

have you tried (i can’t believe i am going to suggest this) walmart? Tapestry needles are basically what you are looking for.

I saw the Bates ones in Michaels and A.C. Moore. I was looking for yarn bobbins, though, and they had none. I would bet that any store that has knitting-type stuff would carry the needles.

yeah, looked at Wal-Mart today. Oh and I just found the blue susan bates you were talking about. Clover has blue ones too but the susan bates ones look almost aqua… and they are 1.49 at Joanns with 4.95 shipping :shock:


That’s ridiculous! They could put them in an envelope with a stamp!

okay that is crazy…ummm…at that price i would be willing to stick one in the mail for you too…lol

I think I have a solution. I’ve always wanted the Brittany Cable needles and Herrschners has them finally. I can order those, and the clover Chibi jumbo needles, pay less for shipping and get something I wanted all along. Anyone out there used the Chibi needles yet?

okay, here’s what I did. I got the blue needles you guys suggested, from Joann’s but I picked up 4 skeins of Caron brights to make my dd a neon fraggle rock hat AND I used my “please come back to us” 50% off coupon so now I don’t feel so bad about the shipping. :happydance: MORE YARN!!!

I have those light blue Susan Bates ones too. works fine.

but someone told me that metal is better. why?

lol…well there ya go.

I don’t know why metal would be better…less chance of breaking maybe? no idea…none of the metal needles i have actually work with the yarn…i can’t find one that doesn’t have a GI-NORMUSSS eye that will still fit the yarn through…so for now i will hang with the blue one… :lol:

I had to go look to see what chibi needles were! I thought there were some sort of new knitting needles and then when I saw, that is what I have. I bought them because of the case…I’m always losing those big needles! They do have a nice big eye and then the tip of them has a slight curve to it…very nice!


Let’s see–Needles-$1.49

Excuse to buy more yarn–priceless!

:roflhard: My DH said… “they must have met you before” and I said “Honey, they are me!”


is this a patter? where did you get it? is it free? did you make it up yourself? can i see it?

Okay, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see a blue version here

And then Marnie did an even cuter version of it called Happy Hathere

So you know how it will look…

[size=2](I have just learned what a Paint EXPERT our dear Hildie is…I could not figure out HOW to take the square white parts from around her face!!)[/size]