Yarn/needle substitution


I am in need of some help with some yarn/needle substitution. I’m starting a sweater class next week.

I don’t have the pattern yet but we were instructed to bring 1300 yard of worsted weight yarn, size 10.25 needles and the gauge should be 9 stitches/2".

I found a bulky weight yarn that I would like but I don’t know what size needles to use to get the gauge. I was thinking I should use a size 9.

Can someone help?


There is only one way to find out. you have to knit swatches with the different size needles. It’s hard to answer that because we can’t see your yarn. also if you have the lable from the yarn it can help you find out. Good luck and I know everyone hates knitting swatches before a project but if you don’t your garmet could become Giant.

Knitting bulky yarn on a 9 may make what you knit very stiff. What yarn are you thinking of and do you know what project you’re supposed to be making?