Yarn/needle selections at LYS vs regular stores

I am a fan of bamboo needles but the problem there is the only store here that sells the Clovers that I like and are reasonably priced is Micheals but they have a limited selection. I went there today (and spent $93! :shock: ) and I needed to get some sz 10 and 11 DPN’s and they only had 8 and 10.5’s. Then if I go to a LYS they don’t have the Clover Takumi’s I like, they have the more expensive Crystal Palace which are nice but $7 vs $12 times the amount of needles I want (which is basically one of every size pf both SPN and DPN’s! :aww: ), well its just too much money for us right now. As it was, hubby was not too happy with me today and I did not have the heart to tell him that I did not get the needles I need!

Are there yarn stores out there that don’t only carry the inexpensive ones or the expensive brands? How about yarns too, or is there a line that LYS’s won’t cross and the big stores don’t see the market to carry more selections of yarns and needles?

My dream store would be one that carries if not all the selections, then at least most of it, not just the “cheap” or the “expensive” stuff.

maybe getting one of the bamboo interchangeable setsis a better choice? at least you would have spent almost that much today and gotten just about everything you need it seems? :shrug:

Figaro, this is the problem I run into ALL THE TIME. I get really frustrated about it, too. It seems that my LYS only will carry one brand of needles, which is frustrating. Depending on what I’m knitting and the yarn I’m using, sometimes I like the Clover bamboos, sometimes I like Addi’s. Also, even my LYS didn’t have all sizes of DPN’s which really frustrated me–if you can’t go to a LYS for knitting needles, where else can you go???

I think the Michael’s, Hobby Lobby’s, and JoAnn fabrics-type chain stores don’t want to carry everything in stock for knitters (all size needles and more “gourmet” yarns) because they are stores that cater to many crafting hobbies, and have to make sure they carry a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I like to think of them as the corner convenience store–they carry the basic things they think knitters will need (like the “bread” and “milk”, so to speak), but tend not to carry the more designer yarns and various size/types of needles. Plus, they have to make sure that whatever they stock will move out of the store and be sold within a reasonable amount of time. Maybe the Red Heart, Caron, and Lion Brand yarns move out really quick, but say maybe a more designer and pricey yarn would be sitting around too long. Then sadly, there is a theft factor. These stores are pretty big and don’t have the capability to keep an eye on things as well as a LYS would (because they tend to be smaller than one of these bigger chain stores), so they may not want to keep yarns or supplies around that could get shoplifted easily.

You may want to see if you can special order things that you don’t find on the shelves. Some of the stores are willing to do this if you ask. Some of the stores on line can order things too and will ship it to you; occasionally, JoAnn’s has a special with free shipping and no minimum purchase and they have a variety of knitting needles sizes on line that you don’t find in the stores. I think the chain stores will eventually wind up carrying more sizes and varieties of yarn because knitting is continually gaining more and more popularity. I can remember when stores NEVER carried fancier beads, and now, Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry a wide variety of fancy beads, even semi-precious. This to me says that it’s only a matter of time before they begin to carry more for us knitters, too. And if we don’t tell them that there are things we’d like to see them carry, how will they know that there are things that we need but they don’t carry? :shrug: These stores want to compete against each other, and I think generally, they will try to accomodate the consumer.

I understand about the spending thing with husbands, too. I feel so badly sometimes because it’s the same thing with me–I’ll have spend x amount on knitting stuff, but it didn’t include everything I needed, and I feel bad telling my husband, “Oh, I know I just spent $x, but I still need…” I feel ungrateful and kind of mean asking for more money so I can get all of my knitting supplies :frowning:

You could order from places on line, like Joann has

Clover Takumi

needles in about every size it looks like. They often have specials for things like free shipping and 50% off coupons (although usually you can’t use those for things already on sale, but 50% off the regular price is probably cheaper than the sale price, but I’m not certain you can use it that way or not). Right now they have their needles 25% off and have free shipping with no minimum.

My LYS carries Clover, Addi, Inox, Brittany, Bryspun and some other one I can’t remember in Rosewood. Also some other plastic one. So it isn’t just that LYS only carry one type, though yours may. Google “yarn shops CITY” with “city” replaced with the name of your city. Then look at their web pages, as these usually tell you what brands they carry. Good luck!

Wasn’t someone selling bamboo DPNs in the Buy/Sell/Swap area?

yes, carol_oh is, and i have heard the are really good, i ordered a set, but it isn’t here yet. anyway, you can check it out, but it is $35 for a set of sizes 0-10.5 with 5 needles in each size.

That’s one of the reasons why I do most of my knitting related shopping online. I haven’t found one place that has everything I need. At least my LYS will check if they have something in stock over the phone so I don’t have to make a trip for nothing.

Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. At least I know I am not the only one frustrated with the selections at the stores. I am not able to order anything right now as we are a few days away from moving from CA to NJ. I have some cash on me so tomorrow when 2 of the 3 kids are in school, I am going to Micheals in the Oceanside and hoping they have the DPN’s I need and that will be the only thing I buy!. If not then I will have to wait until we are settled over there.