Yarn needed

I am in need of at least 1 skein of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in color #145-dye lot 39024

I don’t have that colorway, I searched Ravelry stashes for you though. Cotton Ease 145.

How do I do a search for yarn? I need 2 skeins of Eden Silk Rust (06 lot 6122.

If you’re on Ravelry, click on the yarn tab and search for the yarn you want. Then when you comes up click the stashes tab and from there you can click the status drop down box and find what people are willing to sell or trade. If you put the color number in the search box it narrows it further.

If someone shows it in their stash does that mean it is for sell or trade? I am new to all this but I did find someone that has it but it says nothing about selling or trading.:hug:

Will say “for trade or sale” if the person has marked it up for grabs. BUT don’t let that stop you, if you find what you want and doesn’t say that, email that person anyway and ask if it’s something they’re willing to sell/trade. Often people have stuff in their stash they have no idea what to do with, have forgotten about or have forgotten to list for sale/trade.

Ye have not because ye ask not! :wink: