Yarn Monster Rescued!

Here’s a little picture book story all yarn enthusiasts can relate to.

I bravely fought a yarn monster:


Courtesy of this 60 lbs of trouble:


Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice a few casualties of war:


But they threw themselves on the loaded grenade so the team could reach this success:


Hooray! And now I can finish the bottom half of my Picovoli:


THE END. :roflhard:

at least you had a sense of humor about it–I’ve fought a few monsters in my life and all I could do was cuss about it! LOL!

So, ummmm, where did you bury the dog?

That spoiled little brat is curled up in my bed, passed out in exhaustion from his yarn tangling escapades. :rofl:

Maybe you should just give him a nice ball of Fun Fur and the cheapest acrylic you can find…that’ll keep him busy! :biting: :biting:

That’s such a pretty color! Doesn’t appear to be a center pull ball though, huh? :teehee:

Aren’t dogs fun :roflhard: Glad everyone survived that ordeal :hair:

my new Girlfriend has a rescue Dog (Pit Bull beagle mix)
I worried about him getting HAPPY on my knitting when i found him grabbing my knitting bag that was half open
but he just took the bag over to her bed, stuck his nose in it, and just lay there
not ONE single stitch off the needles
he is SUCH a sweet baby
Makes me wish I liked Dogs even a little bit

Pit bull-beagle mix? I’d love to see that! :rofl:
My pup’s a shelter rescue also, I’ve had him since July. He was a sweetheart at the shelter, but it’s amazing…in just over 6 months he’s a COMPLETELY different dog. He used to be so nervous, really terrified of men (pretty clear that he’d been abused), uninterested in other dogs and just glued to my side. I found out a week later that I’d adopted him a day before his time “ran out.” <—He was at a no-kill shelter, which basically means they keep the dogs as long as they can and then send them to another shelter to be destroyed. :doh:

Now…he’s still all over me, but he has so much personality! And it’s such a playful one. He loves other dogs, he’s almost completely overcome his fear of men, and he’s incredibly loyal to and protective of me. He keeps a watch over everything for me (when he’s not chomping through my stash of course! :teehee: ) This is my first dog as an adult…my family always had a great dog growing up, but Cooper is MY dog. I’m raising him, training him, etc…and I’m so content. I really lucked out with this guy, hooray for rescue dogs![/i]