I’ve been working off and on for awhile on a little teddy bear for DD#1. I made the shirt lavender, the pants dark purple and the face/hands/feet off-white.

Last night I finally got around to finishing it up - embroidering on a face and seaming the darn thing.

And then I realized that the dark purple yarn is MIA. :noway: I’ve searched everywhere I could think of, but it’s gone and will be until I finish the bear, at which point it will mysteriously show up.

I could - in theory - just go buy some more (it’s inexpensive Caron Simply Soft), but I really, really am kind of broke right now and am trying to avoid stores.

So… what now? Do you think it would work to use No-Sew glue? Or use another yarn - seaming in a magical way so that it wouldn’t be visible? Or use regular needle and a dark purple thread?

Help. My 4 yo DD is becoming impatient with me. According to her, I’m not allowed to start on another project until I finish the bear.

I would use what yarn you have. Did you need the dark purple to seam up the pants? Use the the lavendar - let the yarn show thru so the pants have a lavendar stripe down the leg.

Your regular thread idea would work, too.

I would be hesitant to use glue for fear of the bear not being soft and squishable and loveable, but hard and lumpy in that area.

Mattress stitch doesn’t show all that much, and it is a teddy bear, after all. I wouldn’t use glue, either, but you could use the lavendar or thread.