Yarn meter?

Does any one have one of these? I have seen them in catalogs and am thinking if would be nice to use to see how much yarn is needed for a row in any pattern. I make a lot of baby blankets for Project Linus so am not usually concerned about guage. but some times I think if I had a way to measure yarn, I wouldn’t have so many 1/2 skeins, etc left. Anyone use one before? thanks, Tillie:??

I think they are more useful for putting your wool through as you wind to get the meterage of a ball. For rows, I think it would be easier for you to mark the wool as you knit, say 5 feet exactly from the needle. Then knit a row, then measure how much closer that mark is: say it is now 1.5 feet from the work, that row used 3.5 feet. You could mark with a loose knot, or a paperclip, or whatever.

thanks muchly!!! I knew there had to be a simple, obvious way!! Tillie