Yarn meter

So I was thinking of getting the Knitpicks yarn meter:

Does anyone have it? do you like it as much as you thought you would? I always buy things that look cool but they end up sitting in the closet :doh:

Do you often have occasion to wonder how much yarn is in a ball? Really?

A spinner friend has one for when she winds her hanks, but I’ve never seen a real need for one. :shrug:

KK was saying that she wanted one for those little balls of sock yarn she has left over after making socks… I think I might get her one (I can say that here b/c I don’t think she checks the gen forum very often :teehee: )

yea I want one because I always have leftover balls of yarn that I dont know the yardage :teehee: Hilde are you and Kelly friends outside of kh forum?

Yep, she’s one of my bestest best BFF friends!

ahh that would make sense :teehee: I thought wow I wish someone would buy me one hehe

personally I’d just buy the meter part and figure out a way to mount it myself :smiley:

meter thingy

I’m thrifty like that…

Julie I was wondering if I could do something like that :teehee: Im pretty thrifty myself. Well thanks for the idea :hug: Also do you know if that meter counts yardage? Nevermind it counts by feet lol

Yup, feet – it’s the same one used in the KP one :smiley:

I just made one for around $13.00. The pictures and info are on my blog -Jan. 28 entry.

ooo good idea Julie!!!

DR, I’m totally going to use your directions to make a base!!

:yay: And I have until her birthday in October to make it!!!