Yarn labels

I’m a new knitter - just learned the basics 3 months ago - and am wondering…

Is the information on the yarn labels just complete garbage? I’m wandering all over trying to find something in a “4” range when I finally notice that one company’s “5” is smaller than another’s “4”. I’m quite hopeful here…I would love to disregard the pattern and find yarns that speak to me, regardless of the size printed on the label.

So is “sizing” on yarn labels like clothing sizes? Try it on and see if it fits?


I have seen that, too, and I just use it based on what it looks like to me. For example, I have a yarn that is marked as a 5 (Bulky) and it is smaller than worsted, so I’m making socks with it using a size 5 needle (the label calls for a 10.5).

Sounds like you are on the right track, just be sure to swatch thoroughly. :thumbsup:

Swatch and world will be yours! I never used to swatch, but now I know that I can use whatever yarn I want if I just swatch and change up the guage to fit what I am doing. It is so LIBERATING!

BE NOT AFRAID! (That is my knitting motto!)

Amy I am new to this too. Although used to knit many years ago but scarfs that kind of thing.

I find this a problem too.

Can I just say I have never ever in my life ever done a swatch :oops:

I am not even sure I know what one is and what I do with it :shrug: :oops:

Good question. It is so wonderful to have all these knowledgable people here that actually try and help. :notworthy:

:hug: Sharon

A great article on swatching: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/FEATswatchout.html

And a bit more info on the yarn weight labeling system: