Yarn is untwisting?

o.O I’m not sure if it’s me or the yarn…
It’s unraveling as I knit and starting to make my project very ugly looking. Is there anyway to fix the yarn? Or counter this? (please say yes T-T)

Some yarns are not spun tightly and tend to do that or it can sometimes be the way you knit. What yarn are you using?

Berroco Pure Merino
100% extra fine merino wool

Yep, some yarns do that. Just check to make sure you’re not always turning your piece in the same direction at the end of the row; you may have to hold the ball and let your knitting dangle so the yarn twists back up a little.

I’ll try the dangling thing and to knit carfully. Thankies! Hopefully I can get this yarn to behave.