Yarn is bunching...help!

I am knitting a scarf and using Lion Brand Homespun yarn. YIKES! The yarn itself keeps bunching up as I knit. I’ve already cut it once and tried knitting looser, but it’s bunching again.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

Welcome to Knitting Help!

LB Homespun is notoriously hard to work with for many people. What kind of needles are you using? And what exactly do you mean by bunching up?

I knew it was Homespun! Because that’s normal for it. You have to use size 11 needles and keep a loose tension on the yarn as you’re knitting. Just let it flow through your fingers rather than wrapping around a finger or two and trying to control it.

I worked with it once…and never again…I hated the way it worked up!

I finished the scarf and never will use that yarn again…it should come with a warning label! The yarn seems to be wound around one thread and the yarn around the thread kept bunching up and I had to stop every 2 rows and pull the yarn down around the middle thread…if that makes sense?! I was using size 10 needles and tried very hard not to knit tightly. sigh

It really really needs to be knit on 11s, 10s are just too tight for it. But you don’t have to use it again.